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TREADMILLS Wednesday, 20 February 2013



It's just a thought! but treadmills do not work if you get off!

"Very droll!" "How can I get off?""It isn't a physical machine and anyway, if I don't tread it, some other mad bugger will! and then I won't even have the tiresome tediousy of talking to others about my treadmill!"

Quite honestly, yours isn't the only treadmill I have heard talk of, so a little less conversation isn't going to change the world for me, but for you, what would you do if you stood off? I bet you haven'tgiven that much thought, seriously, have you?

I'm not suggesting you get off and never step back on. What I am saying is that you only need to step off for a short period of time to reflect upon what you are doing and why you're doing it. If you don't like reflecting, then project, why would you get back on? What is your motivation to progress? What are you doing the treadmill for?

Forget those windmills, we all know the treadmill is in our minds! Look, see, what does yours look like. I bet you can even hear yourself on it and I bet most of you can even feel the effort you are putting in. It's tiring, isn't it?   Well, step off, readjust the imagery you're holding, think of your treadmill as your power supply to your business, you don't need to be on it all day, just enough to charge your energy, just enough for one more call, one more meeting, one more sale!

If you think of your treadmill as your power source, you will be inclined to get back on it, if your treadmill were your road to what you value doing in life, if it were the source of your energy, committment, motivation, encouragement and your determination then wouldn't that be a treadmill you don't want to step off. Then again, if you don't really want to step off, you're not really on a treadmill are you! So please don't call it one.

The power of thought is hugely important, it is what drives our feelings and when we feel fine, we act fine and when we act fine, all manner of things fall into line. Your only concern then, is do you take a step off to pick them up. I can assure you that others do from time to time! Join them!