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COMMUNICATION!  Monday, 25 February 2013



With special thanks to Nick Clegg and my friends from OMD

Communication:It's the art of being understood, or is it? Do you often wonder at the use some people make of language, the wonderfull, sensory experience which it is? Or are you in the camp of the eloquent orchestral manoeuvres in the dark so loved by many in times of trouble?

Talking loud and clear is obviously not in the interests of some: Too much detail, too much knowledge, everything left in the state of artful vagueness! This seems to me, to be just the desired level of our politicians, it reminds me of the comical "Yes Prime Minister" theatre of gently passing the blame two or three degrees removed, swept under the carpet in the hope that there really isn't anyone out there remotely clever enough to recognise the real meaning of what is being said.

"Yes, I knew something! and yes I did little on the face of it, but now! Oh! If I knew then what problems this indirect and non-specific conversation was going to cause in the future. Of course I would have dealt with things differently. Wouln't I?

We may well have become conditioned to this form of communication from our politicians but what of business? What do we expect from our business leaders, our boards, their managers and supervisors? What communication is expected?
It is not indirect, nor is it non-specific! That way lies yet more failed companies who have struggled to hear the message from on high, the message from management and that way lies further hard work in re-communicating messages that were in our minds all the time. People like to be direct and specific, what people do not like is the conflict of emotions our direct and very specific messages around productivity, sales, cost control and marketing can invoke in others. No! far better to remain as indirect and non-specific as possible.

My message is direct and very specific: Learn to deal with the emotions you create in management, learn to recognise your own and have those direct and specific conversations with your staff .Help them to deal with the emotions in business and unlock your people's potential, else, there is a By- Election very soon. Anyone interested?