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The Valley Thursday, 6 September 2012


The Valley

Deep within the valley, when the valley is deep within

It is time to remember that the valley is where things grow,

Amidst the dark of foliage and the dank of misty dew

We soaked the water in, it was all we knew.


Up upon the valley slopes we dare not even glimpse

The thought of sliding back again, too much to bear

Up beyond the valley tops we cannot even see

That there above the valley, the eagles glide and tear

Through bright blue skies and look down upon us low.


The water though does feed us and brings us knowledge too

That all we ever needed was within us through and through.

We grow, we learn we lift our heads and drink some more

Then from nowhere, behold! A golden door


And through we walk our bodies, alighting of the stairs

The stairs that just a moment back were not even there.

There is more than one moment to climb the valley slopes

But this much I can show

You cannot climb a valley from the lofty tops you know

  You do not need the deepest valley to be at a valleys’ low

What you do need is the water to make your courage grow

Take heart and this remember as you climb those momentary stairs

Reach down and hold the hope out, if others only saw

If one, then why not many, their own and special door

To lift them high above their own deepest valley floor.


So do not fear the valley, nor the dark and covered view

There is always so much more above and so much more to do

When even lifting your head upwards is more than you can give

And all seems rather tiresome, shall I die or shall I live

Then just look round about the places which you are

Your door will soon be obvious, your stairs to climbing far

Above the valley floor now, ascending to your high.

Above the valley floor now, increasing warmth and dry


But please be sure to visit me I like it in the valley

I know how well to get here, without the toil and tarry

You do not have to stay long, do not have to dally

 In this green and wondrous place which is my valley

I can always show you exits- that is what I do

But do not think you can’t return and think that I won’t miss you

It is just that I have found my peace and wish to share it with you.


The valley is indeed a welcome and wondrous place

More wondrous because of your wondrous face

And all about and out of here there is so much more to see

Now that I have the secret and the door which needs no key

I come and go at leisure ‘cos that is what I choose

And this you can do also

 Choose to be at leisure and not on your valley floor.

Choose to be at peace with me and knock upon that door

Choose to be at one and take the valley in your stride

Choose to be at cause and bring me to your side


The valley is but all you thought and nothing like peace

Unless you know to handle it

So stay strong reach up and inspire

You never know who is with you or what they might aspire

To oneday