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The Moment is Now! Monday, 10 September 2012




The Olympics and Paralympics are over now, so what did you take from these spectacles of sporting achievement. Memories? For sure we will all have memories. What else? A sense of achievement? How so, did you perform the sporting spectacle? Pride? In watching others perform at their best? Determination? To do what? When?

There has been much talk of inspiring a generation, of the spirit of the gamesmakers, of legacy. So when does inspiration kick in? Are you going to be a gamesmaker for your business and when does legacy start? The moment is now!

As someone who can become immersed in all things Neuro Linguistic and listening for terminology from the field (and track, and velodrome and aquatic centre) I have been fascinated by the many references to NLP, from both the Olympics and Paralympics, some openly, some just in passing, some from the athletes themselves and some from the coaching staff.

Familiar words to everyone, “modelling” “strategy” “visioning” but what do they really mean? As well as many phrases and gestures from the athletes themselves around the games people play in their minds and the games other competitors try to make you play in yours!

There has also been many references to ”Drive Phase” and “Execute” from across the disciplines, a terminology I’m familiar with from association with a software provider to the rowing industry from where the origins can be traced.

Could it be that the success shown in rowing from the early 90’s has migrated to other sports, cycling and the track? Is it at all possible that success was copied?

The references to modeling (essentially copying and adapting techniques, then introducing individual elements) Strategy (essentially understanding how you will execute your game plan, physically, psychologically and emotionally) and visioning (the exact execution in detail down to all your senses, it really is possible to smell success and taste the reward!) are direct techniques taken from the body of work which is NLP. What started back in the late seventies and early eighties in an attempt to understand the human mind by watching therapy sessions has been successfully adapted into sport and business and continues to reap the benefits today.

For me, the legacy for these games will come: it is, in my opinion, undoubted. The past 5 or 6 weeks will inevitably have inspired many able bodied and disabled people alike to perform. Here is to their continued success!

As for business, the same could be true but I suspect it will take a little longer for some in business to show the same steely determination, effort, sweat, pain, endurance, failures, early starts, late nights, setbacks, injuries, blood, tiredness, did I mention pain? In essence sheer bloddy hard work and training to get to be a true champion worthy of such an acclaim as our Olympians and paralympians.

What did I take from the games, I was fortunate enough to be inside the Olympic stadium the night David Weir (The weir wolf) took his first of 4 gold medals in the 5000m- I found myself rising off my chair for the last 400 metres, not because I thought I should but because there was an undeniable force lifting me up, making me stand to cheer on to the point of losing my voice and I could not do a thing about it. There was some presence wanting the legacy to start in that moment. Some legacy that said “Now Let’sPerform! “ Not just to me but all 80 thousand in that stadium>