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I am often asked....what is NLP, Why it is effective? Friday, 13 July 2012


It is effective because:
It’s focused, fast and at times Furious and infuriating at the same time depending where you are sat.

It is results oriented

It deals with the here and now, the past and the future in a combination which fuses time together It is unique to you: It uncovers beliefs and values, the harmful and the helpful

It allows you to see others for who they really are and who they really might be if you hadn’t prejudged them

It’s cathartic, forgiving and yet honest and direct, It’s brutally, to the point and wonderfully implying at the same time

Did I mention its effective, sports people use it, politicians use it, down and outs use it, businesses use it, government use it, lots more could do with using it

It’s adaptive, flexible and controllable when you start, once it leaves you, it’s adaptive flexible and out of your control

It’s nothing new, certainly nothing old, it is a little part of everything that works, it kicks out what doesn’t work and adapts for you what does

It is clear, directive, supremely enlightening and I love it 

It helps you deal with the everyday sh1t that will continue to happen in your life and when you’re competent with all it has to offer it will help you help others deal with the sh1t which will continue to happen in their lives, some of which, in business, you might have given them

 Oh! It’s humorous and I guarantee this, it will make you suddenly aware, that time is both your enemy and your friend, a kind of friendemy!

In business, it will help from start ups ( visioning) goal setting and planning sales and negotiation, meetings through to performance concerns, attendance issues, appraisals and picking up the pieces when things go wrong. It will change your perspective, your attitude, your beliefs and values and just when you think it cannot offer any more it will say,

 Now let’s progress!

It’s a mirror reflecting back a cacophony of thought with the tools to unpick them

It’s your memory, your thought and your strategy too. It is all the parts of everyone you interact with

It’s those you hate, those you admire, those you detest and those you inspire, it is part of you already (Please don’t even get me started on parts integration)

It is blunt, it makes you kind

It’s the kick up the *rse they’ve always needed

It’s the hand around the sholder you always thought you’d find.

It is scary, nightmareish and full of joy. It is gentle, daydream like…a new toy

Play with it, test it, share it ,use it with good intent and just when you think it cannot possible show you any more, it will say

Now let’s progress. NLP, where it ought to be, with you not against you, do with people not do to!

Now if you want to know specifics come and talk—I would say talk to frank but that has different images altogether.