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When a decision comes your way Monday, 28 May 2012


Without decisions things will come to an an inexorable halt! Businesses will put off vital investments in infrastructure, machinery, development and training. Innovation will stumble and the economy will bounce along the bottom just as a stone skims across the surface, both will inevitably sink. Putting decisions on the back burner, keeping in favour of the trusted past will only serve to delay the future, you will never stop it! Things aren't looking too bad, just yet, are they?

One of my favourite song lyrics, which has stayed with me over 30 years is this

      " Even when you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"

And so it is with decisions, even when you cannot decide you still have made a decision, (Not to decide) and so now you know you must be able to make decisions!

When next you are complaining to yourself about not being able to decide between one option or another, spend just 20 minutes with the following exercise. It will help you re-evaluate your path!

Start with your first option and spend just ten minutes searching for the answers to these questions.

1/ What would happen if you took this option?
B/ What wouldn't hapeen if you took this option? 
3/ What Would happen if you didn't take this option?
D/ What wouldn't happen if you didn't take this option?

Now spend another ten minutes on another of your options asking the same questions and searching for the different answers to them.

You have already made a decision to read this far, so no more " I can't make decisions". You can and what is more you always have been able to, you just didn't know your strategy. If you have taken one decision then you can take them all. What is more they will be right!