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fielding your best team Tuesday, 21 February 2012


According to the British retail consortium, retailers are spending on average £1275 per employee in training per year despite the current conditions (Feb 2012). The figure falls to £800 per employee in the  finance sector, it falls still further in other sectors and in the small micro businesses and SME’s. What does this mean in terms of actual training days, 1 perhaps 2 with an average of 7 hours a day that equates to just 14 hours of training? It is less than 1% of a typical employee’s year even based on just a 35 hour week.

Continuing professional development seeks for this to rise to 35 hours over the course of the year and this just to stay with changes in legislation and necessary compliance type training every employee has to undertake these days - where does this leave development, and with such little time, what is the most effective means of developing staff for the long haul?

Management development and coaching on a one to one basis is expensive and is the territory of the CEO’s CFO’s and other directors hugely inflating the average spend on training which masks the figures as to how little training is taking place for those on the shop floor, those with aspirations of bettering themselves and those who the public sees as the face of the company. It should not be so! The very self- development which the board receives is what all staff should be benefiting from to, the ability to manage time effectively, understanding themselves and the people they work with and the dynamics of the teams they are a part of, together with an incisive ability to manage their thinking, deal with their feelings and those of the people around them as well as being able to see and create further the vision which the senior teams are telling them is where they’re headed, quality training. All at a realistic, affordable price in a time when you want and need it the most!
It is most certainly possible for those who look.