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Perfect Vision 2112 Monday, 16 January 2012


It seems we humans have an uncanny ability to predict our future with many outlandish predictions from 1912 proving remarkably correct. If you can afford to wait another hundred years think-tanks today predict you could learn (anything) via machine augmentation, essentially plugging yourself into a computer like an oversize usb device and downloading content, much as we do these days with our music and video. You may even be able to communicate through the power of thought alone!

So is learning really that simple and what would you do differently when you have the knowledge you want or need? Many of us will have seen ‘The Matrix!’ and know this technology brings advantages, but in our lifetime? So what is the most effective means to learn new skills, the kind of skills so important within business right now?

Do we have time to live and learn? Well that’s one philosophy you can follow or trial and error, when errors are so costly for businesses? There are other ways, the foundations of our predictions!

Learning to work with, support, manage, encourage and coach others in business requires the full spectrum of soft skills training. From learning to understand yourself, to managing time for everyone’s advantage, from communicating with people more effectively to communicating with teams you lead for a common goal, from having the vision of achievement to delivering the vision with feeling, held together through a coherent pattern of thinking, and it isn’t just the learning that you need, it’s the knowledge of when and how to use it. It’s the courage to put your training into practice and it’s the ability to recognise feedback from the world to know if your training was successful.

Is learning really that simple? These are the skills the think-tanks believe we are moving towards acquiring at the press of a button, so what will they build upon, Success? Well proven success can be replicated NOW. So why wait?

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