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We Can Always Find Home Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Top left on most computer programmes! Go back to the start. to familiarity, more literally, who has seriously ever forgotten where they live? Even my six year old daughter takes great delight in telling me,"Daddy, we're going the wrong way home." The concept of choice is not the first to develop and can sometimes be hidden in your personal life and your business world too!

We can have Choice- we always could and always will be able to decide. Even when we choose not to decide we still have made a choice! For me though, the idea we can always find home is more centered. We are always ourselves,whether we speak or are silent. Everything we do is as a result of our choices. I can choose to climb high buildings, or be scared of heights; I can choose to swim or be scared of drowning and I can choose to succeed or be scared of success.

It is often said that the real reason people do not achieve is not the thought of failure, it is the thought of everything expected of you in success; To progress, to innovate, to change, to adapt, to employ, to grow, to nurture talent, to manage, to lead, to let go! There now I've said it! LET GO.

And what happens when we let go? That is the real picture you need to address, when you let go you are free, unobstructed by any ties or bonds,able to move at will, become innovative, flow with the change not fear it, employ new found skills and grow your experiences and yes, you will find new talent within to nuture, you will manage to lead yourself with accuracy, the human mind is capable of preserving your body for you and if you find the adrenalin rush too strong, take a moment out, you will always find home