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The Importance of being Earnest! Friday, 18 November 2011


Can you remember a time when you were totally motivated to achieve something in life? Of course you can: but what was it that first motivated you? and do you understand why? Few of us really question the things we do and we are adept at ignoring that nagging feeling for fear of doing nothing. STOP!
Rewind,remember a specific time when you were motivated and ask yourself "What was the last emotion you felf just before you became totally motivated?" Difficult isn't it? Unless we are pressed we probably ignore our true feelings,meaning we embark on our task, our objectives, our goals without full commitment. When they are given to us from others, not committed either there is little prospect of succesful outcomes.

In business,communication hinges on the believable, belief from the originator must transpire into belief in the receiver. Beliefs cluster around our values and our values are determined to a large extent from an early age.

When we understand our values;of business, of wealth,of development we can begin to see the beliefs which drive our actions and the more our goals are aligned with our beliefs the faster we will act to achieve them. Falter in our actions and it is worth looking again towards our beliefs. Being in earnest means acting with sincere intentions, acting with genuine honesty and this includes an honesty with ourself. The hardest part of that is listening! The hardest part of that is keeping quiet! and the hardest part of that is when quiet, the noise can be deafening, unless you can decipher it?

It is only by having the courage to let go which allows us the ability to hold our desires closer.