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From management comes performance Thursday, 3 November 2011


Performance management doesn't have to be onerous. Correctly, sympathetically administered it's the lifeblood of any company; Incorrectly installed or applied by people who don't wish to, or without feeling,doesn't permit progression, but is performance management as simple as that and when does performance begin and the practice end?

To perform there must be an outcome, what do you wish to perform? How do you wish the performance to be considered? How will you know when the performance has acieved your outcome?

Whether we like them,(and this can be learned) or not, targets are part of this and to be truly aligned,when targets are met the outcomes we have must be achieved: This sounds simplebut manycompanies play with targets believing that they ought to be in place, failing to understand the required alignment of target,goal,and outcome.

To be successful, targets must be self generated and you will have heard that they should also be smart! How would anybody set themselves the targets which you want them to achieve?Won't they always fall short of your expectactions? Well most people, if not all want to impress you and who seriously goes to work with an express intent on upsetting their boss?

People deserve to be self motivated to achieve for you.They will have to achieve for themselves first  and this is what they crave, so a well crafted performance management system, correctly engineered and aligned with your company vision, with not just smart targets in place, but clever ones, will gain for you an improvement in your business beyond which you currently permit.