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From Satura to Satori Friday, 14 October 2011


No, not two towns in Japan! This is a journey from ancient Rome to 12th Century China and we all know how much we like journeys?This one is from sometime irony and sarcasm, to always understanding and enlightenment; from telling management into allowing coaching.

Too often people are pushed through incidents of ignorance and sarcasm into performing in the short term. This simply misses the latent desire within all of us which drives our performance, namely our focus and interests. I think everyone these days expects to be told that performance needs to improve; few in business seem capable of accepting "good is good enough" these days, or lack the ability to find excellence themselves.

The irony is not lost though! Performance is the end game of practice, and practice depends upon being led by people who understand the process of practice, the focus and failures, the determination and motivation required to succeed. It should not be about picking people up, that's courteous yes,but to then point them on their way once more? It is about allowing them to discover why they fell in the first place;Placing within their reach an understanding, enlightenment as to their progress. Allowing them  the abaility to measure their improvements against themselves and not others.

The road from Satura to Satori is littered with well intentioned people, with good people. Satori is closer than you think and if you can get there,others must surely be able to follow. It is through practice that one learns to perform!