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All procedures should be designed to increase choice Friday, 7 October 2011


Never back me into a corner! Who has ever heard this? Is it a threat,a statement or just a desire to have choice. We all have an image of what happens when people are backed into a corner, back to the wall,forced to face the problem and unable to see any solution but to confront.Confrontation is inevitable when choice is removed so to avoid this, design and offer solutions to problems which fit your objective as well as fitting with the objective of others. Do not view this as winning or compromising on your part! It is an art to give people choice when no matter what route is taken, they follow your path and your path must lead them somewhere they also want to go.
When people seem to limit their own choice (often as a result of presuming what you want of them) then it is even more essential that you help them find the alternatives, help them to realise there is choice, then people are less able to justify flying out of their corner.  When it becomes unreasonable to confront, things happen which are often unexpected on both counts, you begin to see the excellence within people and people start to perform