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You are in charge of your mind Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Think about this one for a few seconds- and then answer this question-Who else could be?

Of course you are in charge of your mind, and although many will attempt to gain the control they will not be successful! It is you and you alone who have the control. At once a releif and a burden for not only are you in charge but your mind is waiting for clear and unambiguous orders which only you can give!  It is willing to follow your orders to the letter if only you show it consistancy, the only food it needs!

Please note however that just as you are in control of your mind, I am in control of mine and you will not gain control of mine anymore than others can gain control of yours. We may be influenced, or indeed influence others and whilst this is a rare resourse to master,ultimate control is yours only of your own mind.

Scientists attempt to prove beyond question that the mind can be controlled with physical inputs, inplanting morals, beliefs and value systems into the mind but for now this is just science fiction, or is it- How much would people crave the ability to better take charge of their minds and put out all thoughts of inadequacy, doubt and despair and replace it with courage,determination and results. Tomorrow is approaching, today is for thought as you allow the past to drift away. You can you know, 'cos you are in charge NOW.