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There is only feedback Wednesday, 14 September 2011


What a beautiful thought! If there is only feedback, does this mean that failure has been eliminated? Let us not fool ourselves into beleiving such notions.Sometimes we should admit (to ourselves) that things have gone wrong,in business this may manifest itself in complaints and the manner in which we recieve complaints will determine what happens next.Everybody is entitled to pass on their views, their feedback and if it is accepted as just that, feedback, then you can choose to do with it what you will. You can listen and act upon it NOW, you can listen and act upon it at an appropriate time of your chossing, you can listen and decide not to act. The thing you should not do, either in business or personally, is close your ears to it and fail to listen. It is of course your world and you can take the approach you wish but if you can see things as only feedback (not an attack on you or your service), hear the feedback (not a complaint) and feel that it is feedback (not the advice of better people who have no business in your business) then you will be well on the way to eliminating failure. No matter who or how people choose to give you feedback (and there are many who are ill prepared to offer it and even more who are not accomplished at it) you must act upon it and welcome it for even if you are not hearing it directly the chances are that it is still being spoken. Encourage it! elicit it! ask for it! and then if you don't like it ask yourself why? Better still have someone else ask you "why does it make you feel upset/agreived/angry?"
 There is only feedback, dont try to dampen it for it will find a way to resonate around you.