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People have all the resource Friday, 9 September 2011


Hark back, if people have all the resource(s) they need to succeed and yet everyone is doing the best that they can with the resource(s) they have, is this the best we are ever going to be? Indeed is this the best that anyone is going to perform for us? Well know! The simple truth here is that it is not the people who are unresourceful, merely that they have fallen into unresourceful states. The trick, if it is a trick, and I do not believe that it is, is to get out of those unresourseful states and start applying the resources we have to doing something, anything which is going to progress us. The wonder of successful business coaches is that they have the tools, not only to bring themselves out of unresourceful states but to make others consciously aware of previously hidden resources within them.

The role of managers may not include such tools, although it should in my opinion!but to coach others, well that certainly requires the tools. When you really believe the two statements, that is, that everyone is already doing the best they can with the resource(s) they have consciously available to them and that people already possess the resource(s) if not yet consciously aware of them, then as coach, life is easy, bring them into conscious awareness for them!

This applies equally to where the resource(s) is helping or hindering them for if people do truely have all the resource(s) they need to succeed then take away the resource(s) they do not need, you may find you want to give it to somebody else. Ultimately there is plenty of resource - let's share!