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Calibration Wednesday, 27 July 2011


You should calibrate on behaviour! what does this mean?

It simply means that for you to notice change in others you must notice a change in what they do, so simply ask yourself this simple question,"What are they doing?" Now of course, the first time you ask this you will only be able to notice what they are doing but you have five senses to use so do not simply look at what you see but really notice everything,listen,check feelingsand most importantly store the result. You cannot possibly hope to compare unless there is something to compare with! The second and subsequent times you ask yourself,"What are they doing?" You will be able to calibrate any change from the outset, do they still act in the same way,sequence and manner? Do they say the same things? Do they feel or make you feel as before?

To have changed, a person needs to have changed their behaviour, if they no longer do the things you dislike or are starting to do the things you wish they would then noticing their behaviour is the only way you will tell- after all it is the same person! just behaving in a different way!

Of course this all sounds so simple - measuring peoples behaviours!Well measuring never changed anything, it is only a means to know that change has happened. So how do you bring about change in others -  that's a whole new blog! I'll offer this advise here though: Start with yourself and change your behaviours, that way you get to know just how easy it is for others to do it for you!