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People Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This is always were it becomes more interesting! People: you know lots of them, work with some, live with others, like a few and dare we say love one! what is it we really like about people though? Searching deeply we all find it is the same thing, their behaviour. Yet, people are not their behaviours, are they? Because I stop behaving in a singular way does not mean that you know someone new, I am the same person.

So the next time you find yourself in some dissagreeable situation with some dissagreeable person displaying some dissagreeable behaviour towards yourself or another, think only this."This disssagreeable behaviour is being displayed by a person not unlike myself in a situation I am all too familiar with."

Change the behaviour, accept the person. Until you can do this you will come across many more situations than you wish to. To change behaviour you first need to understand it. to understand it you have to want to! If people do not wish to share their understanding then hallucinate your own, you will eventually gain respect and with respect       you've guessed it. read on!