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Respect Thursday, 7 April 2011


In managing other people, one of the most difficult things to learn is that of respect.
Respect of the other person
Respect of their point of view
Respect of their thinking  and
Respect for their world

We all know don't we that there is only one world, isn't there. So do we already have respect for their world? Isn't that already mine! Think about this seriously, how often do we hear ourselves say," they're on a different plannet! How often do we hear others say,"They're not living in the real world" What if their world were the real one? So take a little time and show some respect! and remember this does not mean that you have to buy into it, Indeed, often you will not.

Real respect, the kind that insists you consider others' points of view is a mark that you are willing to manage people and that on some occasions you are willing to allow people to manage your thoughts and actions.