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Ecology Monday, 18 April 2011


So you have found respect for others! now you want to manage people and change their behaviour?
All change needs to be evaluated, else how will  you know there has been any! This presupposes that you know from where you or the other person is starting from. If you do not know then you will need to ask some questions.
The most fundamental aspect to considering change is to be able to evaluate it. Evaluate it in terms of both the context and the ecology. Just like our words, our behaviour can be taken out of context so look for the behaviour prior to and following the event you are evaluating. True change occurs when the behaviour is consistant.
The ecology of change! will people change unless it is ecological for them to do so? No.Ecology has two elements though, protection of an environment and benefiting from it. If any benefit is insufficient to an individual then they will tend to protect their environment. so create further benefit, not just to others though, include yourself then people tend to move away from the purely protective into an inquisitive acceptance.